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31 January 2018 | News

Studentnomic Places Recommendation for BESA Charity of the Year

We are delighted to announce we have placed our recommendation for the BESA Charity of the Year 2018. Our recommendation, Voice of Hope, is a Staffordshire-based Charity commited to tackling Human Trafficking.

Every 15 seconds, another person becomes a victim of human trafficking.

Human trafficking is the illegal movement of people for sexual exploiation, forced labour, domestic servitude, benefit fraud, begging, drug cultivation and much more. Voice of Hope is a non-governmental organisation taking the stand against modern day slavery in an issue which is becoming all to prevalent and seeking to see an end to this.

An estimated 45.8million men, women and children are in slavery around the world.

As one of the world's fastest growing criminal industries this is an issue affecting millions, from depriving children of their education and welfare, to denying adults of their livelihoods.

In the U.K. the scale of this unseen crime is significant, research carried out by the Home Office estimates that there are between 10,000 - 13,000 victims of modern slavery within the UK.

The average trafficked victim is just 12 years old.

Aiming to end this crime by raising awareness and educating people about Human Trafficking, we believe this is a current and serious issue which needs bringing to light through:

  • Raising awareness of Human Trafficking
  • Educating young people to keep themselves and others safe from trafficking 
  • Educating communities to know what trafficking is and to respond appropriately 
  • Rescuing is only the beginning of a victims road to freedom, Voice of Hope contributes to the support of amazing organizations that help a victim to recover

We hope you will support Voice of Hope in sharing this all too important message and raising awareness.

Human trafficking is an issue we don't immediately think of in the UK (or perhaps even globally in this day and age). Nevertheless, the problem remains incredibly prominent, and if we're going to have any chance of stopping this dreadful crime, rescuing the livelihood of those affected and preventing the trafficking of millions more children then we have to act now.

Tim Collins
Co-Founder & CEO Studentnomic

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