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10 November 2017 | Product Press Release

Making Mobile Apps Accessible to Schools

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We’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of School[App], an innovative new platform designed to make school apps accessible to all school and educational establishments. Drawing on our founding expertise in app design as the original creators of the Studentnomic Revision App, our goal has been simple from the outset:

i. To share our expertise in app design with schools and educational institutions worldwide

- and -

ii. To make apps accessible to all schools and educational organisations

It is this motive, which has led us to bring out an entirely new platform that not only allows the creation of high quality school mobile apps, tailored specifically to the individual requirements of a school, while also providing the intuitive ability for a school to manage and update their app’s without the time or complexity of coded and traditional based solutions - all the while never jeopardising on efficiency or functionality.

For over a decade, school website’s have remained at the forefront for the “go-to-place” for information, yet despite this, websites have remained largely static, easily becoming outdated, uneasy to use and an inefficient aspect of the parental engagement process. We believe we change this. We’ve done this through utilising the latest technologies from advanced push notifications to replace the expense of bulk-SMS messaging right down to the dynamic setup of an app allowing school’s to engage with parents and students alike on a whole new level.

How we make Apps Accessible

Our founding expertise was always in mobile apps, since our launch with the Studentnomic Revision App which made it easy for students to quickly obtain the revision resources they needed most, we’ve always viewed mobile apps as an intrinsic part of our company DNA. School[App] is no different. We understand exactly just how powerful a mobile app could be for schools as a way of refining and centralising administration, keeping parents and students engaged, streamlining communication and remaining forward thinking.

We know though, that two of the biggest concerns for a school remains time and cost investment, which is why we’re proud to be able to use our founding expertise in app design for good. Creating a School Mobile App with us is affordable while never compromising on the functionality and efficacy you’d expect. We’re also excited to be able to work with school’s to bring our expertise in design by creating their very own school mobile app - each tailored and created specifically to a school’s own structure, branding and setup.

Cost Structure for Schools

School[App] is billed yearly at £495 GBP with no quota restrictions or setup fees. For school groups, trusts and clusters we’re delighted to be able to offer group-rate discounts of up to 30% on the annual fee.

We also offer a comprehensive app design and setup service at £99 GBP which includes a dedicated app designer to create an app tailored specifically to a school’s own structure, branding and setup. 

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